dream story #101

A skincare and fashion influencer's secret to her beauty sleep.

Dream Log:
‘Click click, click click...I hear the sound of my heels on the marble floor. Shiny things all around. My single focus: the work of art in front of me. A creation of my imagination and hand: gorgeous, sleek, and sophisticated. Reflecting hopes and wishes and hard work. I reach in my pocket for my green tokens, carefully collected and counted, and exchange it for the masterpiece: the bag of my dreams. So real I can - almost - touch it…’

Captain: Carolina, 30

Co-Pilot: Remy

Origin: Exhausted from waking up throughout the night.

Destination: A better night's sleep.

Itinerary: "I’m a morning person so enjoy waking up early most days. What I enjoy less, however, is waking up in the night and struggling to get back to sleep. A desire for a more solid night’s sleep and waking up feeling refreshed drew me to Remy. Working for myself as a beauty and fashion content creator (@carolinagmx) means my to-do list is long and always on my mind - especially as I’m trying to wind down for the day. 

I mostly use my Remy blanket when I’m relaxing on the sofa or watching TV in the evening as I find it really soothing and calming. It really helps relax me before going to sleep and has helped me wake up less frequently in the night. 

My favourite thing about it is I can use it wherever I am, whether it’s on the sofa or in bed. I also love that it’s made of bamboo and cotton so sensitive skin like mine doesn’t get red or irritated.”

Product: The Sleeper

Better sleep with Remy. What dreams are made of.