dream story #102

An emergency worker's solution to anxiety

Dream Log:
‘I’m snuggled and warm alone in bed, drifting off... when I spot something above. A window; no, a door. I knock just once, then enter without moving. It’s a room I’ve never seen before. Filled with questions. Curiosity beckons. A flash, then a flicker makes me gasp. I start to fall but I’m pulled back to safety by something familiar; the arms of a loved one who knew exactly when I needed them. It’s ok. I’m ok…’

Captain: Kate, 41

Co-Pilot: Remy

Origin: Waking up feeling anxious through the night.

Destination: Sleep easier.

Itinerary: "Long, stressful days as an emergency worker during the COVID 19 crisis and being apart from my partner, also a frontline worker, meant I was struggling to fall and stay asleep. With the world on my mind, I’d wake up multiple times feeling anxious. Now in those moments I use Remy, which my sister recommended to me.

The pressure it puts on my body feels almost like a gentle hug, helping me to focus on mindfulness to relax. It helps me to stay asleep for longer as I move around less in bed so don’t wake myself up, giving me a much more restful sleep than before.

My 10 year-old son often steals my Remy as he struggles to fall asleep too - he says he likes how it makes him feel safe.”

Product: The Sleeper

Weight on, float off and let your worries drift off as you do with Remy.