Top 5 Benefits of Sleep

A good night's sleep makes the world of difference, and there's lots of scientific evidence to prove it. With this in mind, a good night’s rest should never be underestimated. Check out the top five benefits below and see what impact sleep will have on your life – after all, a better night’s sleep means a better you!

1. Gain heaps more energy

Woman running on the beachWe all know how it feels when you have to get up in a morning after a really bad night’s sleep. Every limb feels heavy and your body just doesn't feel ready for the day.

When you have a really good, deep sleep it might take a minute to wake but then you’ll feel ready for a productive day ahead.

When you wake up feeling refreshed, use that energy to get active during the day and you’ll more likely sleep better the next after.

2. Strengthen your immune system

Man enjoying outdoorsOne of the impacts of disrupted sleep on the body is a compromised immune system. Studies have shown that those who are sleep deprived are more likely to fall ill and find it more difficult to fight off infections.

Sleep allows your body to rest and repair. Your immune system detects and destroys bacteria and viruses in your body. If you suffer from long periods of disrupted sleep, your immune cells won’t work as well. You may become sick more often and become less able to fight off illness quickly.

It’s essential to allow rest when we are unwell to help strengthen your body’s immune response.

3. Improve your mental

You can get yourself in a vicious cycle when it comes to sleep and mental health. Depression and anxiety make it hard to sleep, and sleep problems can lead to depression and anxiety.

Getting enough sleep is an important factor to help with the demands of a busy life. It enables us to bounce back and helps us to foster mental and emotional resilience.

Disrupted sleep sets the stage for negativity, anxiety and emotional instability.

For more information about the relationship between sleep and anxiety, you can find our blog post here.

4. Control your weight

Man exercisingSurprisingly, sleep and weight loss are also connected.

When sleep is disrupted it can negatively impact your hormone levels that control appetite. When these hormones become out of balance, high-calorie food becomes more appealing.

When we are sleep deprived, we drag ourselves through the day, skipping physical activity and relying on unhealthy, sugary snacks. It’s these bad habits that can contribute to weight gain.

Intermittent fasting is now recognised as a helpful way of managing weight and comes with lots of health benefits. But what it really means, is not eating late in the evening or through the night.

5. Enhance your cognitive functions

Working professionalWhen it comes to learning new things, we need to be able to process information and then store it in our memory. We then need to be able to go back to that memory and retrieve what we've learned to then put it into practice.

A lack of sleep makes both of those things difficult, making it harder for our brains to store and consolidate our memories.

The relationship between sleep and memory is that it can secure and stable them. It also sharpens the mind and affects your mental judgement, clarifying that the phrase ‘sleeping on it’ can actually help you make better decisions!

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