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The relationship between food and sleep

The relationship between food and sleep Can we eat our way to better sleep? Probably not, but we can eat our way to bad sleep. With food and drink, it’s...

A guide to sleeping cool

We all know it can be tricky during hot summer nights to get to sleep. It’s not always better in the winter; you snuggle down but the central heating is...

The connection between anxiety and sleep

Sleep is so important for our bodies and minds to repair, and even more so for people who suffer from anxiety. Unfortunately, sleep isn’t something that comes very easy when...

How to improve your sleep hygiene

When you’re struggling to drift off on a night, the first thing you’re told is you need to get your sleep hygiene right – but you don't always get told...

What is sleep and why is it so important?

Ahh, that lovely feeling of floating downstream as you slowly drift off to sleep. Arms and legs get heavy and the mind wanders freely through grassy meadows and alongside peaceful...