A guide to sleeping cool

We all know it can be tricky during hot summer nights to get to sleep. It’s not always better in the winter; you snuggle down but the central heating is on and somehow you keep waking, feeling hot and bothered. The science of sleep explains why being too hot is such a problem.

Dog cold in bedAs we fall asleep our body temperature drops. This is a key part of the process of falling asleep and it ushers our bodies into the quiet early stages of sleep. The next step is dropping down into the deep restorative sleep that helps us feel refreshed the next day. If your body temperature can’t drop sufficiently this makes it much more difficult to drop into deep sleep and instead we start cycling through light sleep and REM sleep - hence the crazy dreams and the wakeful night. You can read more about the stages of sleep on our blog here.

So, how cool is cool and how do we make our sleep environment perfect for a good night’s sleep? Here’s our step by step guide!

1. The perfect temperature for sleep

For most adults, the ideal room temperature for a good night’s sleep is between 15.5 and 19 degrees Celsius. You don’t want to be shivering under the covers, but you want to feel cool. Between these temperatures is the Goldilocks point - the temperature that is just right!

For young children, it needs to be a little bit warmer; between 18 and 21 degrees. If you need it a little chillier, there are lots of great kid’s sleeping bags available to make sure your little one is toasty and wrapped up safely. And if you find it’s a bit cold when you get into bed, a hot water bottle can be a good idea as once you’ve warmed the bed up you can kick it out and allow your body temperature to start its descent into a comfortable sleep.

2. How exercise can help

Woman exercisingThere are so many benefits to exercising; it gets your heart rate up and your blood pumping. And it makes you hot! It’s best to avoid exercise 2 hours before bedtime but at that distance, the rise in body temperature is helpful because as you recover your body temperature drops helping you to prepare for sleep. Exercise also makes your body release endorphins which do all sorts of wonderful things, including helping you sleep.

3. Take a hot bath

A warm bath has so many benefits in terms of a good night’s sleep. It helps you unwind and relax, it’s the perfect place for calming essential oils and peaceful candlelight and it does more than just calm your mind.

One of the key reasons a warm bath helps you sleep better is that it is a gentle way of raising your body temperature, ready for the temperature drop that enables you to drop off to sleep. That’s why you feel dozy when you get out of the bath; your body is ready to fall asleep.

4. The perfect weighted blanket

Sumo Natural weighted blanketThe first question a lot of people ask when thinking about the benefits of a weighted blanket is, won’t it make me too hot? Our weighted blankets are carefully designed to make sure the weight is evenly distributed. We use high-quality glass beads, tightly stitched pockets, and a tie-fasten system to make sure your blanket is comfortable and provides just the right amount of deep pressure to help you sleep.

And for warm sleepers we’ve got our Natural Weighted Blanket.

It’s made of bamboo which is a really amazing fabric with moisture-wicking properties that gives the perfect balance between weight and airflow. It’ll give you the deep pressure that is so helpful for sleep whilst making sure you’re the perfect temperature throughout the night. And if you’re chilly in the winter and too hot in the summer, why not try the winter cover for those winter nights, and the cooling cover when the weather is warmer?

So whether you’re a warm sleeper and need a blanket that makes sure you’re not too hot, or if you sleep chilly and need something cosier, we’ve got the right weighted blanket for you. Get ready to snuggle down for a great night’s sleep!