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Purify Your Sleep Space With The Power of Plants

At Remy, we’re big advocates for bringing the outdoors in.

Integrating a few plants into your bedroom can provide more than just good looks. Houseplants have been found to have emotional, physical, and mental benefits too. A touch of greenery can purify your air from pollutants and toxins, improve mood and creativity, reduce stress levels and even combat illness.

Similar to weighted blankets, plants also provide a natural solution to better rest. Better, cleaner, more oxygen-filled air helps contribute to a better night’s sleep. No sleeping pills, no more counting sheep and no more lying awake for hours. 

Even NASA utilises the power of plants, using greenery in the space station to purify and clean the air. Their famous NASA study found that houseplants were able to reduce nasty indoor air pollutants such as benzene and formaldehyde. 

So dreamers, consider placing a plant or two in your bedroom to help maximise your time spent snoozzzing. Here are a few of our favourite plants for you to consider adding to your bedroom...


Aloe Vera is the winner when it comes to air purification at night. It is one of few houseplants that converts carbon dioxide into oxygen at night, something most houseplants can only do during the day. All this hard work from the Aloe Vera leads to improved air quality while you snooze.


Lavender Plant

Lavender provides a double benefit with the calming and relaxing scent it emits to help you drift off. Best known for its beautifully soothing scent, Lavender is great at reducing stress, naturally. A lavender plant in your bedroom can promote a more restful sleep, plus it will also smell divine during the day too.


The Snake Plant is wonderful at increasing oxygen in the room to help you get a better night’s sleep. It is excellent for filtering out formaldehyde, which is common in cleaning products and personal care products. It’s also as tough as nails and can live for decades!


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