Using a Weighted Blanket While Pregnant

Using a Weighted Blanket While Pregnant

Is it Safe to use a Weighted Blanket While Pregnant?

The short answer is yes; there aren't any definite risks when it comes to using a weighted blanket while pregnant; it's safe! The main concern may be discomfort from additional heat caused by added weight.

Although this may not be for everyone; it's undoubtedly a personal preference, after all, everyone's needs and requirements are different. The rapid hormone changes during pregnancy can cause night sweats and hot flashes in some women. Using a layered fabric can make this worse. In such cases, you can opt for a lighter blanket.

Here at Remy Sleep, we're all about ensuring every one of our customers is guaranteed a heavenly nights sleep. No matter what stage of pregnancy you're in, we want to ensure you and your baby are as happy and comfortable as possible while using our weighted blankets, which have some fantastic benefits for you and your baby during your pregnancy.

Sleep Discomfort Whilst Pregnant

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Being pregnant is one of life's miracles! Your body is changing, your hormones are intense, and of course, you're growing a human inside of you, it can be exhausting. The sleep of you and your baby is now even more important whilst attempting to navigate your way through the pregnancy and ensure you and your baby are happy and healthy - You're sleeping for two, remember!  

Whilst in those earlier stages of the pregnancy, sleeping can almost become second nature. Your body is practically so overwhelmed by the changes, sleep and rest are all you want and need. In that first trimester, the intense increase within the progesterone level is mostly responsible for why you feel so exhausted. However, getting good quality sleep later on in your pregnancy can become more of an issue. Due to the size of your baby increasing, the discomfort can drastically increase too, making it hard to find the right position and comfort to have a decent nights sleep.

Why Weighted Blankets?

Weighted blankets are used as a natural relaxation tool. Our blankets are designed to offer the benefit of Deep Pressure Touch therapy (DPT) and are wildly popular amongst pregnant women with increased difficulty in sleeping. The weight of our blankets works at a therapeutic level to ease and reduce many of the discomforts and side-effects that pregnancy can bring. 

Using a weighted blanket whilst you're pregnant aids in relaxing your nervous system and stimulates the flow of those 'feel-good' hormones such as Serotonin and Dopamine. Serotonin, in turn, converts into melatonin, which is the sleep hormone responsible for those precious moments of sleep and rest whilst pregnant.


Using a weighted blanket as opposed to sleeping pills or herbal remedies means that you won't have to deal with any unwanted drowsiness or adverse side effects. The Remy Sleep weighted blankets are here to ensure you get a good night's sleep without the hassle & side effects.

Sensory Issues? We've got you! 

Your growing baby bump and the addition to your body weight may feel overwhelming and result in your feeling restless and imbalanced. In these cases, weighted products - such as weighted blankets - can offer a needed sensory input. Allowing you to feel more connected to your body and your surroundings (also known as 'feeling grounded')

Studies show that grounding may help reduce cortisol (stress hormone) levels in the body, thereby alleviating restlessness and anxiety. Lower cortisol levels also help in improving digestion and regulating the blood sugar levels—a critical parameter for a healthy pregnancy.

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