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Why your weighted blanket needs a zipper system.

Thinking of investing in a weighted blanket? You’re in the right place. 

With a range of brands to choose from, there are a few key things to consider before you make your purchase decision. 

One common issue with most weighted blankets on the market is the method used to attach the cover to the weighted blanket itself. Some weighted blanket companies don’t even harness the power of removable covers, but we highly recommend you consider a removable cover for a range of reasons!

In response to the struggles faced by many weighted blanket users, we dreamt up our very own DreamZip system as a first for the industry.

Remy Sleep zip system

Loops and ties are a thing of the past.

Here’s why your weighted blanket needs our zip system: 

1. No sagging or bunching 

The 360° zip covers the entire perimeter of the weighted blanket, meaning the cover is entirely attached to the Sleeper right to every edge and every corner of the blanket. This means that no matter how much you move around at night, your weighted blanket will remain perfectly in place inside its cover, without any annoying sagging or bunching that can be experienced when using loops and ties. 

2. Perfect weight distribution 

As there is no chance of any sagging or bunching with the zip system, your Sleeper is able to truly work its magic and distribute all the weight across your body, perfectly. 

An even weight distribution allows for less disturbances during the night, for a better, deeper sleep. 

3. Easy cover application and removal

We’ve simplified the cover application and removal process so you can spend less time dealing with loops and ties and more time enjoying life (or snoozing). The zip system can be a little tricky to master the first time, but we’re confident you’ll be an expert before you know it.

Remy's weighted blanket with clever zip system

Not sure whether our Sleeper is right for you? Here’s what some of our customers have to say...

After a lot of research, I wanted a weighted blanket that had a removable cover, but comments were that the cover and the blanket were difficult to move around as one. Most had loops and ties inside the cover, but Remy had a complete zip system. Bingo, sorted! Ordered and have been very pleased. Brilliant service and product.” - MB, Trustpilot 

The 360 zip is brilliant, no saggy bits! I would absolutely recommend. Now saving for the "Lounger" - LM, Trustpilot 

Remy’s blankets are made totally different. The zip system is a god send.” JT, Trustpilot

The zip is by far the best design on the market and makes it easy to take off, wash and put back on. No slipping of weight, evenly distributed. I sleep better and my partner even now says he would find it strange sleeping without it too.” - SC, Trustpilot

“I love how the covers cleverly zip on keeping it all in place. Much better than other blankets which just have ties.” - LA, Trustpilot


Not only does our Sleeper have our DreamZip technology, but we also give you a free cover with every purchase. Once you've selected your weight and size for your Sleeper, you can choose from our Airy Bamboo Cover (best for warm sleepers) or our Cosy Plush Cover (recommended for cold sleepers). With many different colours to choose from, you'll be sure to find the perfect option to suit your sleep style. You can also choose to purchase additional covers which we offer separately as well. 


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