How we re-engineered the beanbag.

Ergonomic Support

Through unparalleled support and adaptive flexibility, the Pod can help relieve back and neck pain while you rest.

Space Efficient & Lightweight

Weighing just 4 kg, and taking up only 3 square feet, the Pod is incredibly easy to move around and store.

Multiple Sitting Positions

Sit, recline, or lay completely flat. We designed the Pod to be the most versatile beanbag ever made.

Made in the United Kingdom

Premium quality combined with great craftsmanship. The Remy Pod has been designed and made locally in the UK.

Supportive Dual Membrane

The dual shell membrane provides a soft and stretchy, yet supportive structure engineered to respond to any body shape and movement.

High Density Beads

Filled with responsive long lasting beads, the Pod mimics the sensations of Flotation Therapy, known to reduce stress and anxiety.

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