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100-night sleep trial

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100 Night Sleep Trial

We're confident it'll be love at first night - but we understand weighted blankets are a new phenomena so we give you 100 nights to see if it's for you.

We recommend giving your Remy weighted blanket at least two weeks of trying before making a decision on it. Your body may go through an adjustment period as having a weight over it is a new sensation.

Your questions answered

How does the 100 night trial work?

We've conducted studies with our weighted blankets and are confident in the benefits. However, everybody sleeps differently and if our products aren't for you we are happy to take it back.
1. Simply make an order. Your trial starts when your Remy arrives.
2. Enjoy the best night's sleep with your new bed buddy. Don't worry if it feels 'different', that is normal as your body is going through an adjustment period. This adjustment period can take up to 30 days.
3. Keep enjoying great sleep, and tell your friends. Or, if your body has not adjusted, just contact us and we'll take you through the returns process. You will be responsible for the return shipping charges, however, we can make recommendations for the most cost effective courier service.

Do I need to keep the packaging?

Yes, the bag your Remy came in should be included in the return. We recycle, refurbish and donate our returned products, so having the bag allows us to transport the blankets easily. In terms of the shipping box, we recommend keeping it as it will make it a lot easier for you to return.

How do payments and refunds work?

Our trial is for everyone, regardless of the payment method you have selected. If you have decided to request a return, you'll be fully refunded.
Refunds are processed once the blanket is back with us, via the original payment method. For full upfront payment, this typically takes 2-5 business days. If you selected financing as a payment method we will take care of cancelling the agreement, and any instalments paid up to that point will be refunded within 14 business days.

Do I have to pay a returns fee?

Nope, not at Remy! Unlike other companies that charge a restocking fee, we do not. The only cost you have associated to your return will be the cost of postage to send it back to us.

In the unlikely event you return your blanket we ask for them to be clean and free of any debris or pet hair. All returned blankets are inspected and thoroughly washed before we decide to recycle, refurbish or donate.

If the blanket is returned damaged or without its cover bag we will charge a repairing fee of up to 30%. In the very rare chance of this our customer service team will contact you to explain the situation. Don't worry, we will always give our customers the benefit of the doubt.

Am I sleeping under a Remy someone else returned?

No. Every Remy product is brand new and fresh out of the box. Returned mattresses are recycled, refurbished, or donated. Refurbished blankets are available to purchase from our sale section.

Can I exchange my Remy?

We offer two versions of weighted blankets, three weights to choose from, and multiple colours... so we understand if you want to make an exchange. We'll pause your trial on the day you notify us, and restart it on the day your replacement arrives. We wait to receive your original purchase before your replacement is sent. An exchange must be requested before the 100 night trial ends.