Our weighted blankets are meant to last - so we've got you covered if it malfunctions. If something goes wrong with in the first year of purchase we'll replace your product for a brand new one. You can read our full terms and conditions here, but we've summarised the important points below.

What's Covered

Errors can happen, however we make every effort to avoid them. Our guarantee covers you for any issues that could reasonably be said to have started with us. This includes the following issues - glass beads leaking, faulty zip, rips or damages upon receipt.

What's Not Covered

Since our products are used by our customers daily it's normal for them to show signs of use over the year, so we don't consider ordinary wear and tear a fault under our guarantee. We also exclude soiled blankets and damage caused by accident (including by pets), misuse, or disaster.

How To Claim

If you would like to claim our 365-day guarantee please contact us at returns@remysleep.com. Our team will review your request and take the appropriate action. Please note, our team may ask for pictures of the fault/malfunction before a replacement is sent. If you have an older version of our product and are with in the 365 days we will send you our most current product.