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7 Reasons this Anti-Gravity Beanbag Beats All Others

Meet the Remy Pod -- reliable comfort in a world of amateurs.



Use it However You Want

Who doesn't love options? With your Remy Pod you get to choose how you want to use it. Whether it's to sit comfortably while you're working, to recline gently as you watch a show or to lay down peacefully for a nap.


It's Easy to Move Around and Takes Up Very Little Space

You'll love that you can move your Remy Pod wherever you want, whenever you want. That's because it only takes up to 3 square feet and wieghts 4 kilograms - light enough for a child to pick up and move around.


It Can Offer Relief from Stress and Anxiety

We're all looking for healthy ways to relieve stress and anxiety. When you relax into a Remy Pod it feels like you're floating. It's the essential way to get comfortable and let our worries drift away.


It Can Help Reduce Uncomfortable or Painful Pressure Points

Have an achy back, sore hips, stiff neck or other annoying body pains? The Remy Pod is engineered to morph to your unique shape. It helps to distribute your body weight evenly and provide unparalleled support and relief for pressure points.


Less Expensive and More Flexible than the Alternatives

Most furniture is expensive and can limit your options for seating in your home. Not the Remy Pod. It's less expensive than most bean bag chairs, and far less expensive than a couch or chair.

It also gives you the flexibility to use it as extra seating for movie night, to put in a quiet corner and read or to place in your living room for an afternoon nap.


It's Refillable so it Never Goes Flat

The reality is that beanbags will go flat after several months of use, but instead of it gathering dust in your closet we're designed the Remy Pod to be refillable. The Pod is the last beanbag you will ever need, or want.


You Can Keep it Fresh with New, Removable Covers

We get it your style changes every few months, so does ours! They Remy Pod features a removable, machine washable cover, so you can keep it fresh forever.

Your new favourite seat in the house...

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Remy Pods in the Wild

Writing this review from my pod which has now replaced my favourite ‘chill out’ chair. I love how it feels comfortable in every position and it really does give you a unique floating feeling when you’re on it. I always feel more relaxed whenever I sink into my Pod.

Louise M.

London, UK
This is no ordinary bean bag. Firstly, it looks great! Beyond this is the level of comfort and support it offers for sitting reading a book, lounging back to watch tv or lying back for a sleep is tremendous. My new favourite place to sit.

David M.

Manchester, UK
The Pod is just something else. The most comfortable thing I've ever rested on in each of the three positions. It's great for reading, surfing the web, watching tv, taking a moment and meditating.

Brian J.

Portsmouth, UK
OMG it is the best bean bag I ever sat on & I’m so pleased I bought one! It is light, supportive and so comfortable to sit or lie on. I have it in my meditation room and very happily can sit on it and meditate. Thank you so much Remy for coming up with such a brilliant product. Keep up your good work!

Marcia B.

Glasglow, YK
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