The Six Week
Better Sleep Plan

Comes free with all Remy weighted blanket purchases on our site.

What Clients Says

"If you're thinking about getting a weighted blanket, choose Remy to get an entire sleep experience!"

Katie, Trustpilot

London, UK

With every Remy weighted blanket purchase you'll get...

'Slumber' Sleep App FREE

Fall asleep faster with Slumber. We've got an exclusive 3 month subscription to the top rated sleep app on iOS and Android.

Getting Started Call Phone call

15 minute optional call with the Remy team to chat best practices and getting started with your new Weighted Blanket.

Daily Sleep Tracker Printable tracker

The best way to understand your sleep habits and improve on them is by tracking your sleep in our daily sleep diary.

1-on-1 Sleep Support 9am - 5pm daily

Text-message support with our sleep experts. Ask them anything about your sleep!

Better Sleep Hacks Downloadable e-book

An e-book on optimising your night-time routine, sleep hacks & tricks, and how celebrities wind-down for bed.

Why we created the Better Sleep Plan

Over the past two years we've built a community of 20,000+ dreamers. Further, we've collaborated with sleep experts, conducted studies, and partnered with other sleep brands. With all of this experience and feedback from our customers we bring you 'The Better Sleep Plan' to take your sleep to the next level.

Improve sleep habits

A healthy sleep routine is often neglected but it's an essential component of every person's overall health and well-being.

Guaranteed better rest

We're offering a holistic solution to sleep by combining our world-class weighted blanket with a specialised sleep program.

Increased mood and calm

Our various sleep tools will help increase relaxation and reduce anxiety before, during and after bedtime.


Remy Weighted Blanket + Six Week Better Sleep Plan = Your Wildest Dreams

Get a holistic sleep experience at no extra cost!

What's included in the the full sleep experience

Get started with a sleep consultation

Talk to us about the best ways to use a weighted blanket, how to care for your blanket, and anything else. Once you've ordered your Remy Weighted Blanket you'll get an email from our Sleep Team to schedule this 15 minute onboarding call. Also, this is completely optional.

Wind-down with 'Slumber' sleep app

We've partnered with Slumber, the top rated sleep app on iOS and Android, to bring you an exclusive offer. Get access to their world renowned sleep meditations and soothing stories for 3 months. Fall asleep faster than you have before!

Track and make improvements daily

To learn what's keeping you up at night and robbing your resiliency, do a little reflection (on paper) and you'll be surprised by what you learn. Our printable Six Week Sleep Diary will help you improve your sleep habits and boost your overall health.

Ask our experts

Throughout your 6-week plan you'll be able to text our team between 9am-5pm daily. You can ask us about your sleep, routine, weighted blanket, and more. We'll try our best to answer any and all of your questions, but if we can't we will guide you to the right area for assistance. Use us as your accountability buddy!

Create new sleep routines & habits

We have created an e-book filled with sleep tips, night-time routines, and sleep advice from celebrities. Incorporate some of these hacks to notice a difference in your sleep quality. Small habit changes in the evenings will make a big difference

£99 value available for FREE
with Remy purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase the 'Better Sleep Plan'?

Make a purchase on our website of any Weighted Blanket (The Sleeper, Lounger, or Junior) and the plan will be automatically added to your purchase. You don't need to register your interest we we will automatically register you once your purchase is complete.

When will I receive the plan items?

Once you've placed your order of a Remy Weighted Blanket you will receive an email with in 48 hours with the full plan details. This email will include instructions and links to the Better Sleep Plan resources.

I only want to purchase a weighted blanket, do I need this plan?

Our plan is optional but will be automatically added to your Weighted Blanket purchase. You can choose not to use items from our Plan but we'd recommend giving it a try at least.

Can I purchase the 'Better Sleep Plan' on it's own?

At this time our Plan is only available when a Weighted Blanket is purchased.

Can I access this plan if I already have a Remy weighted blanket?

Our 'Better Sleep Plan' is available only for new customers purchasing a Remy Weighted Blanket.

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Six Week Better Sleep Plan,

£99 value available for FREE with Remy purchase.


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