Customise your sleep style with our weighted blanket covers

Compare our three unique covers designed specifically for our Sleeper and Junior blankets.

Airy Bamboo Cover

From £55.00
Available in 6 colours

Designed for warm sleepers or seasons.

• Made for Sleeper

• 100% bamboo

• Naturally cooling

• Machine washable

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Cosy Plush Cover

From £55.00
Available in 4 colours

To keep you comfy during cooler nights.

• Made for Sleeper

• Premium quilted

• Ultra-soft

• Machine washable

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Junior Cotton Cover

From £49.00
Available in 3 colours

More covers so your child won't miss a night.

• Made for Junior

• 100% cotton exterior

• Diamond quilted pattern

• Machine washable

Shop Junior Covers

Say goodbye to dull and boring covers.

Use all-year round
Materials to choose from
Colours to suit your style
Removable & machine washable

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