Rolling pink hills, flying keys, marshmallow clouds, dishes on dates with the moon; nothing is dull in dreamland. Staring at the ceiling wide awake while everyone else is sleeping? Not so fun.

Our Story:

Helping you fall asleep so your dreams don't pass you by.

Taking hours to fall asleep only to wake up multiple times in the night affects your work, relationships, mood, and health. We’ve been there. After experiencing the difference weighted blankets made to our own sleep issues, we wanted more people to feel the benefits. And we had a few ideas to make them even better, too.

Our premium weighted blankets are designed to look like a stylish home accessory rather than a medical aid. To help you fall asleep faster, for longer, and more deeply. With our unique 360° zip system that makes them simple and easy to use.

Focus less on falling asleep and more on what your dreams are telling you


Our Mission:

We're here to ensure better sleep is no longer just a dream.

Your head on the pillow, the room full of sheep. How many? You’ve lost count.

No magical dreams of rolling pink hills, marshmallow clouds, or dishes on dates with the moon. Just the four walls, the ceiling, your sleeping partner and you; Wide. Awake. Again.

Whatever is keeping you up or weighing you down, Remy offers a pass.

For dreamers big and small. To help you fall asleep faster, for longer, and more deeply, too.

Your ticket to dreamland. To flying teeth, giant birds, a sea of stars, a hippo the size of an ant. To the other side of the world without leaving your bed. Or to worlds that exist just inside your head.

Remy. Rest Easier.


We're so sure it will be love at first night we offer 100 nights risk-free. Not what dreams are made of? Return it for a full refund.


Better, faster, sleepier. We offer free express delivery on all orders from mainland UK.


We’ve partnered with Klarna and Clearpay to offer 0% financing. Better sleep shouldn’t cost you your dreams.

Our Dream Range:

Weight on, float off with our weighted blankets.


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