Like lounging on a cloud

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The zero-gravity beanbag for stress, anxiety and all day relaxation.

The Remy Pod delivers a full body weightless experience. This sensation is designed to mimic the therapeutic effects of floatation therapy. A powerful practice designed to help with stress, anxiety, and focus.

The anti-anxiety float chair

Non-slip Handle
Conforms to your body
Exceptional support and adaptive flexibility helps relieve aches while you rest.
Safety Switch
Made in Britain
Designed and manufactured locally in the UK, so you can trust the craftsmanship.
Compact Handle
Space efficient
Weighing just 8 lbs, and taking up only 3 square feet, it's easy to move and store.
Quality Stainless
High density beads
Filled with high-quality, frictionless beads to create that unique floating feeling.

Float away any time of the day


Sit on it like a chair

The Pod will support your body to help you sit upright. The ideal position while working from home!

Recline back to lounge

Simply lean back, put your feet up, and enjoy maximum comfort. So if you're reading or watching the telly we've got you supported. 

Lay down completely flat

Fancy a daytime nap? Lay completely horizontally and float away. The Pod will give your mattress a run for its money.
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The Pod

The Pod

£199.00 £169.00

Float away anytime of the day. The first of its kind: a zero-gravity bean bag to make you feel weightless and elevate your relaxation. The high density beads morph to your body to relieve your pressure points helping to reduce stress and anxiety. Sit on it like a chair, lounge on it by reclining back, or lay down completely flat. 

  • Oxford Blue
  • Dover Beige
  • Earl Grey

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Common questions answered

1. What is the Pod made from?

Our Pods are made of three main components:

1. Inner Filling: The Pod is filled with high density, frictionless EPS beads. The beads are brand new and manufactured on-site to ensure the Pod lasts a long time.

2. Inner Shell: The inner shell contains our custom beads. The shell is a blend of polyester and spandex.

3. Outer Cover: The outer cover is a cotton-spandex blend. The perfect mix of spandex and cotton gives you a stretchy premium feel.

2. What is the delivery times?

Our Remy Pods are being manufactured in Nottingham, England right now and will be delivered November 1st - 10th to all customers.

3. Is the Pod machine washable?

Yes! We've created our Pod with dual layers for this reason. The outer cover is easily removable and can be machine washed in cold water with similar colours. To preserve the Pods premium outer cover, lay flat to dry. However, you can tumble dry on low is needed.

4. How long does the Pod last?

We've created our Pod to last! Traditional beanbags wear out quickly and lose their filling after just a few sits. We created ours to last years. After some time, you may need to refill the inner sleeve with additional beads (coming soon!). However, after this small amount of filling the beanbag will feel as good as new.

5. What are the dimensions?

The Pod morphs to your body and changing shape depending on where you sit/lay on it. However, the approximate dimensions are about 100 x 85 x 85cm. 

When on the floor it takes 3 square feet of space. This is a lot less than conventional beanbags.

6. What is the return policy for the Pod?

Remy's standard return policy is 30 days from the day you receive your item. Please contact us at if you would like to return the Pod. At that point, we will send you instructions on the best way to return it.

The postage cost of the return is the customer's responsibility. We have delivery partners we can recommend that are cost-effective. An estimated postage cost is £8.00.

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