We're serious
about science

Increase melatonin
and serotonin

Weighted blankets use Deep Pressure Therapy (DPT), which evenly distributes a gentle weight and pressure on the body to mimic the sensation of being swaddled. This evenly applied weight stimulates the production of serotonin (happiness hormone), reduces cortisol (stress hormone) and increases melatonin (sleep hormone).

Reduce stress
and anxiety

There's a reason hugs feel like they can work magic. When you're feeling anxious, your autonomic nervous system (which regulates your bodily functions like heart rate, respiratory rate and digestion) either sends your body into 'fight or flight' (stress) or rest mode. The application of pressure therapy tells it to go into 'rest' mode, reducing some of the symptoms of anxiety like quickened heart rate and breathing.

Create a deeper,
more restful sleep

We help reduce movement that disturbs sleep so you can get more of it. Being gently cocooned in a comforting weight allows you to drift off. Proven to help you fall asleep faster, for longer, and more deeply, too.

Our mission to spread rest throughout our community

Rolling pink hills, flying keys, marshmallow clouds, dishes on dates with the moon; nothing is dull in dreamland.

Staring at the ceiling wide awake while everyone else is sleeping? Not so fun.

Taking hours to fall asleep only to wake up multiple times in the night affects your work, relationships, mood, and health. We’ve been there. After experiencing the difference weighted blankets made to our own sleep issues, we wanted more people to feel the benefits. And we had a few ideas to make them even better, too.

So we started Remy to help you rest easier. 

Whatever is keeping you up or weighing you down, Remy offers a pass.

Rest Easier,

Azka & Abeer, Co-founders

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